persephone speaks, by a.c.

"he calls me his lady
but he knows
i am a queen.”


For those who are curious, this is how my bedroom/bathroom looks 365 days out of the year. :) Yes, it’s my ACTUAL bedroom. And I’m proud to say, I decorated it all myself. I don’t just have a blog about Halloween, I LIVE it. It’s my inspiration. Much like this blog, Halloween is every day of the year in my world.

Him: What have you been doing?
Me: Mostly thinking. I know a few things. I love music, art, the Pacific Northwest. I'm passionate. I'm smart. I'm curious. The amount I tend to think is overwhelming. I'm reckless and impulsive and those two things can be a dangerous combination. I love adventure but I'm afraid of disappointment. I require intellectual stimulation, balanced by the safety of knowing I can open up my goofy side. I worry too much about what other's think, but I sometimes still act without consideration of that which leads me to panic. I desperately search for connection, passion, and love in every soul I come across. And I'm convinced that the majority of people in my life think I am insane.
Him: You certainly do a good job of convincing people you're insane. When we were dating all those years ago, my godfather was like what do you like about her? And I remember answering with, "Well, she's crazy."




maybe we should just have a government run entirely by bees





Hannibal Lecter + looking softer and cuddlier(?) than usual



"He was just a dumbass" - x


maybe we should just have a government run entirely by bees


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pls help me

it is rare that i find an angle of myself that i like so when i doooo, I MUST SHARE TO THE WORLD